Deal or Frill: The Miche Bag

by Mike on February 18, 2010

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I’m starting a new series called “Deal or Frill”. The idea is simple, I’ll post a story and you tell me rather you think the purchase is a Deal: A sale favorable to the buyer; bargain (Informal definition from


Frill: Something that is desirable but not a necessity (Informal definition from Though for our purposes, a “frill” will be something that is simply not a deal.

I would love to publish your Deal or Frill story. Use the contact page to send me your story. Place “Deal or Frill” in the subject line.

This “Deal or Frill” entry is from Denice. She can be found on Twitter as 6ftsalesdiva. She is an MLM mom who is works smarter and not harder. Find out how she does it on her site.


Recently I discovered the Miche Bag- I incredible purse – that will allow you to change your purse look to match your outfit in minutes. The Home Shopping network offers the Miche bag for $99.00 which included 2 shells and the base bag.
I was at my local salon/boutique to redeem a gift certificate. In combination with certificates purchased from Ksdk Deals I was able to purchase the Miche bag and 2 shells for $50.00. The local retail price was $124.85.

Denice got a great deal with her certificates, and anyone in the St. Louis area can benefit from KSDK deals. But based on the retail price of $99, is this a deal or frill? One bag…endless designs. I don’t like the hassle of switching purses so the convienience of a base bag is intriguing. This may be a great deal for anyone really into matching purses, shoes and hats.

What are your thoughts? Deal or Frill?
Let me know in the comments!

PS: I am interested in male responses as much as hearing from the ladies. Men, would you purchase this as a gift? If you have no idea, ask the closest female for their opinion 🙂

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