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Creativity Can Make You Debt-Free

by Mike on February 6, 2013

Pay off debt

The Truth on How to Pay Off Debt Have you ever tried to pay off debt and end up frustrated and discouraged? Have you attended countless seminars and bought a lot of books on how to get out of debt but still ended up drowned in debt? You might even be wondering how in the […]

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Liability in a car accident

by Mike on January 30, 2013

Car Accident Liability

Aside from the initial shock of being involved in a car accident one of the biggest problems with claiming compensation for the incident can be proving who exactly was at fault. Everybody has an opinion and their version of the event can vary depending on how and why their involved. Your solicitor will discuss the […]


Eating Well but Saving More

by Mike on January 22, 2013

Saving money on food

Saving Money on Food: Get Rid of Your Bad Habits   When we hear about saving money on food, the first thing that comes to mind is eating less or getting hungry. Unless you’re on a diet (even if you are), the idea of cutting on food seems a dreadful idea. For most of us, […]


How No Win No Fee Can Benefit You

by Mike on January 18, 2013

No win fee

Have you been injured in an accident at work? Did a trip, slip or fall cause you bodily harm? Have you been in a car, bike or bus accident? I can tell you from experience that many business owners expect things of their employees outside of your normal role which can put you into a […]


2012 The Year that was!

by Mike on January 17, 2013

Christmas Carnival Madness With the Christmas holiday and New Year madness it took a while to compile the Carnival Roundup for 2012 and I must apologize to our readers for not letting you know how widespread our content got. Hoping everyone had a great end to 2012 and a Merry Christmas. Title..: Four great ideas […]


My Home Insurance – An exercise in futility

by Mike on January 11, 2013

My Home Insurance

 Home and Contents – What a journey! As a home owner your going to have to go through the drama of your insurance coverage every twelve months or so. Its relentless…like the turn of the seasons or the flow of the ocean. You just cant beat it…but can you negotiate with it? Past articles here […]


Parting with Your Debt for Good

by Mike on January 9, 2013

Pay off Debt

Pay off Debt – Its a good start Whether you accept or believe what the media is saying, it can be difficult to make money these days; concurrently, your expenses always seem to increase. As a result, you end up in debt and experience more difficulty to pay off debt because your income is not […]


Setting Goals

Whats your new year Plan? Many people come into the new year with the usual promises of losing weight, spending more time with the family, taking up that hobby, joining the gym and stop smoking etc etc But how many people consider taking the time to think out your New Year Plan regarding your finances. […]


November Carnival Roundup

by Mike on November 22, 2012

Post image for November Carnival Roundup

November was a good month for people reading our articles and commenting. Here is the monthly tally for those who liked what we talked about.         Title..: A Cash Budget – Its not all bad news Personal Finance Journey Y and T’s Weekend Ramblings at Young and Thrifty Yakezie Carnival at The […]


Fire Safety at Work

by Mike on November 22, 2012

Business Fire Safety

Business Fire Safety starts with you Dealing with a fire is no joking matter, and if you run a business, it can result in a serious loss. Either through stock loss, damage to building and premises, loss of company data and most important of all the time it takes you to get back on your […]


Big Screen

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year because it gets darker out earlier and it is starting to feel cooler.  However, before it gets too cold, now is a great time to start having Autumn festivals or other fun outdoor events including that planned Corporate Function. However, these days, many young people and […]


Boomer Spending Habits

by Mike on November 19, 2012

Boomer Spending Habits

As Boomers draw close to retirement age, there is much public criticism about Boomer spending habits. Many of the young whiz kids in the financial advice industry point to the Baby Boomers as a negative example. The media  are full of headlines about their failure to prepare adequately for retirement. Generations X and Y often […]


At home Spouse Credit Card help

Helping your at home Partner with their Credit Card The Credit card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure – CARD act of 2009 aimed to protect credit card users and enabled them to save money as the terms and conditions were relaxed overall. Though, this benefited majority of the individuals, those that were adversely affected were the […]


A Cash Budget – Its not all bad news

by Mike on October 30, 2012

Cash Budget

Transitioning to a Cash-Only Budget When the budget gets tight, people often reduce expenditures such as expensive entertainment. There are many other ways to reduce overspending, but many households overlook these. Shopping around for cheaper medical coverage, or comparing online car insurance are two frequently overlooked ways to save. Another exceptionally helpful way is to transition towards […]


Christmas on a Budget

by Mike on October 25, 2012

Who says you cant have Christmas on a Budget? Today’s fragile economy should not dampen your holiday spirits as you begin to think ahead about Christmas festivities.  Christmas is a time when families and friends look forward to gathering together and enjoying each other’s company. The cost of the experience is not important the important […]


Credit Rating UK

UK Credit Rating – Did you know how important it is being on the electoral roll for your credit report? If you’re in a hurry, the answer to that question is this: very important. Quite why this is takes a little more explanation. It might not seem terribly fair to those not inclined to vote, […]


How to Compare Credit Cards

by Mike on October 2, 2012

Compare Credit Cards

Four Great ways to Compare Credit Cards There are a lot of ways to compare credit cards, but most people compare cards based on four main features: annual percentage rate, rewards, fees, and promotions offered by the card.  However, keeping track of all these for multiple cards can be tough.  That’s why you should read […]

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It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached. – Mike Huckabee There are stages or phases that we go through as we learn to leverage our finances. Some may call them stages or phases, I will refer to them as the 4 Milestones on your personal […]