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A Cash Budget – Its not all bad news

by Mike on October 30, 2012

Cash Budget

Transitioning to a Cash-Only Budget When the budget gets tight, people often reduce expenditures such as expensive entertainment. There are many other ways to reduce overspending, but many households overlook these. Shopping around for cheaper medical coverage, or comparing online car insurance are two frequently overlooked ways to save. Another exceptionally helpful way is to transition towards […]


I received the following email the other day. Here is the email below and my reply. What other stories / advice can you offer this reader. I asked her to check back here for more info from this great community! I am currently taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class that is being offered […]


Pet Expense Tracker Feb 2011

by Mike on March 7, 2011

Last week I adopted a puppy from the Humane Society. It’s no secret that any pet will cost money, so I figured it would be an interesting exercise to see how much the pup is costing per month. This is what was spent in the month of Feb. I adopted him on the last day […]