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Affording Your Dream Wedding

by Mike on February 11, 2017

Affording Your Dream Wedding

We all know that getting married is expensive. Sure, you could settle for a handful of guests and a cheap registry office if that’s what makes you happy, but many of us have more extravagant plans. Such plans can requires funds that we don’t have, but that shouldn’t mean having to make sacrifices. It’s your […]


Leaving a Legacy: How to Ensure You Will Have One

Estate planning is a vital part of managing your personal finances. Every adult should have a will and make arrangements for their estate, no matter its size. However, it’s also important to consider just what you will leave behind. If you want to leave a legacy for your children, you need to make sure that […]


Post image for Essential Financial Investment Tips for Novices

If you’re thinking about starting out as a financial investor but you don’t have any experience in the field knowing where to begin can be extremely daunting. With thousands of possible techniques to master and tables and charts that probably won’t make much sense to you at first, investing on the financial markets can seem […]


Learning and Loans

Attending college opens several doors and prepares you for a lucrative career; however, many potential students postpone this opportunity because of the cost. The average college student graduates with $29,400 in debt that takes years to pay off. There are ways for students to save money and graduate with a significantly lower debt amount – […]


Should You Spend or Save More Personally for Financial Freedom?

The road to financial freedom has no easy path and for most who aim for success we can ourselves stuck in the middle of the journey and often not knowing the next step to take.  To spend or save, buy or not to buy is often going to be your dilemma when we find ourselves […]


Top tips for managing the transition to RTI reporting in the UK

RTI stands for Real Time Information and it represents the biggest change to the way payroll operates for UK businesses since the PAYE system itself was introduced in 1944. RTI was introduced in April 2013 but enforcement of the system was initially relaxed in order to allow businesses that had not yet adapted to the […]


Why you Need to Find the Right Car Insurance Provider

Why you Need to Find the Right Car Insurance Provider You will find that one of the biggest and most important financial decisions that you have to make is picking a car insurance provider, and this is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It is essential that you get a sufficient level of […]


Tips to Successfully Claim Auto Insurance after Accidents

Road accidents may not be on your agenda for the day but it is something that is not impossible to happen.  They can occur suddenly and especially when you least expect it.  Having your own auto insurance will prove priceless when this predicament happens to you. There are several policies you can choose from that […]


Are you financially ready for a Pet?

by Mike on December 29, 2013

Pet Costs

Hidden Pet Costs: Is This The Right Time for You to Have a Pet? Many people want to have their own pets and jump in with both feet without considering short or long term cost to your budget and whether you are financially ready for a pet. Having a pet is like adding a new […]


Winter promotional marketing: a how-to guide for business owners

My biggest grumble as a small business owner is that the marketing and promotional objectives are going to change as the seasons change. I have written before about easy ways to promote a small business and using promotional products is pretty much the next step in this process. You all followed those suggestions and your […]


Easy Ways to promote a small business

by Mike on November 8, 2013

Post image for Easy Ways to promote a small business

If you are a small business owner like me you will understand just how tough it is to survive against big name competitors. Promotion is key to letting people know about your business and the products and services you offer. Larger brands may have the cash to afford expensive promotional campaigns, but for the rest […]


Does everyone need a financial planner?

by Mike on October 19, 2013

Post image for Does everyone need a financial planner?

Financial Planning and planners in general are a bit of a controversial topic for me. Having worked in the IT industry and now wearing two hats with offline IT and online IT work I regularly cross paths and meet a lot of financial planners and their associated companies. I have written in the past about […]


Payanywhere Review

Today I am writing a review on a payment portal system produced for pretty much any business whether that be online or offline. I had the distinctly awful task recently of trying to integrate a payments system into a website and after a wasted few hours I then spent some time looking around on […]


5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home

by Mike on August 19, 2013

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Buying a home can be one of life’s grandest moments. It’s easy to get swept away when you see the roomy walk-in closets, shady backyard, and all those kitchen cabinets. But before you let the experience cloud your judgement, take some time to examine all sides of the purchase, do your homework and make sure […]


Post image for Which are the Best Cities for your Retirement in the US

One of the advantages of retired life is that you’re free to live in any city, and your decision isn’t governed by job opportunities or professional avenues on the horizon. You can optimize your retirement in several ways simply by making the right choice of a city. Some of the cities in the United States […]


Family financial planning

While financial planning is typically stressful, learning how to plan and budget for your family’s financial future does not have to be. One crucial aspect to planning your family’s fiscal future is to include each family member in the planning, no matter how young.  Yes, that means including your children. Financial Planning With Your Children […]


Commercial insurance

A Company is the product of an individuals or collection of people’s ideas and is a means for dreams and ambitions to come true. Securing your long term dreams  along with protecting them is the reason any company or business needs to have an insurance policy and relevant cover that can take care of the […]


become financially secure

The people who are most concerned about their financial futures are the ones who are looking for solid investment tips. Sometimes it is the most basic of investment concepts that can yield the best results. When you realize that investing does not need to be too complicated, that is when you will find the confidence to […]


Property investment as friends

Australia isn’t alone with regards to problems with pricing, lending issues, availability and costs on property investment to the point where obtaining your own property to live in or as an investment has almost gone past the reach of most young families and couples. Having spent around four weeks doing the “Check out property” with […]


Seven mortgage related terms made simple

by Mike on March 25, 2013

Mortgage Made easy

After struggling with some mortgage related documentation (I thought should of been simple but wasn’t) here in the last week I came up with some inspiration to share some common mortgage related terms and to both educate myself and my readers with some basic mortgage knowledge. There are plenty of mortgage heavy websites to choose […]

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