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Debt Consolidation – Loans or Credit Cards?

by Mike on January 14, 2016

Debt Consolidation - Loans or Credit Cards?

The advice often given to those with mounting debts is often not to take out further credit, to avoid making the repayments unmanageable. That being said, many people do not realize that money can be saved by consolidating existing debts into a single loan or credit card repayment. The choice of whether to consolidate through […]


Payday and Peer to Peer Lending options in todays market

Payday loans have become (of necessity) an important option for people who are in dire need of financial assistance right away and are lacking other options.  There may be a lot of other loan choices but what makes payday lenders the go-to choice is that it is fast and doesn’t necessarily require a credit check. […]


How to Obtain Financing or a Loan with Bad Credit

If you are in need of additional financing to make a necessary purchase or pay off an outstanding debt, securing a loan from a bank or credit union is likely to be your best alternative. However, if you have bed credit due to past financial troubles, you are going to have an extremely difficult time […]


Where Do Payday Lenders Turn When They Need a Loan

Every business has to start somewhere.  Banks, global corporations and even McDonald’s began as a small business just trying to make it work. This also holds true with payday lenders. Before they started generating any sort of profit, many lenders went cap in hand in search of financial sources to get their businesses off the […]


managing your bills

I would like to talk about how we all manage bills after seeing the water meter guy yesterday while I was outside washing the car. Now dont get me wrong I am not one of those people who begrudge someone doing their job simply because I disagree about charges or the amount of a bill. […]


Break Free from Debt with a Peer-to-Peer Loan

Living under the spell of debt can affect every aspect of your life – particularly if you owe money to several different lenders and your trying to juggle out the repayments. It can severely curtail your spending power, cause you a great deal of stress, and ultimately lower your standard of living. If you are […]


Post image for A generational approach to College Student Debt

Any college student or recent college graduate has probably heard that the job market for young grads is pretty barren. In fact, 53% of recent graduates were unemployed in 2012 and that’s not all they have to worry about. They also have student loan debt to deal with that is at an all-time high. In […]


Help with medical debt

It’s something that should never be taken for granted – something considered priceless, invaluable and irreplaceable. No matter what other possessions we have, it heads the list as far as worth, essential to our quality of life. Once it’s lost, we are fortunate if we can recover it. To what are we referring? It’s none […]


Can You Afford to Drive After A Collision?

by Mike on December 14, 2013

Can You Afford to Drive After A Collision?

According to the World Health Organisation, in 2010, there were an estimated 1.24 million deaths worldwide due to road collisions. This is a tragic figure that needs to come down. If you’ve been victim of a collision that wasn’t your fault, or that was an accident, one question you’ll be asking yourself is whether you […]


mortgage refinance

The housing crash that began in 2008 was one of the most difficult tests for homeowners.  Millions of Americans saw the value of their homes plummet, forcing many people to find ways of cutting costs to stay in their homes – and in some cases, people were foreclosed right out of their homes. The federal […]


Post image for The Knockout Combo: How to Beat Credit Card Debt Once and for All

If you find yourself in credit card debt, you’re not alone. According to the stats, it’s one of the most common sources of financial ruin, with the average U.S. household standing at a remarkable $7,072 in debt due to credit card expenditures. Maybe it’s due to the fact that we’re a nation of excessive capitalists […]


credit card transfers time

I find it amazing how quick a six to eight months period can go by after you have done one of the credit card transfers and you find yourself again looking at incurring interest on what appeared to be a good spend at the time. I wont go over bad or good debt at this […]


Ways in Which Debt Worries affect everyone

by Mike on August 11, 2013

lot of debt

Having a lot of debt can prove extremely stressful for the average person, not just in terms of their financial freedom but also in many other ways most of us may not have considered. Debt worries can take its toll and impact you in unusual and different areas of your life. Which is why it […]


Credit Card fees

In the charge to make financial life fairer for consumers, credit cards have now come into the sights of authorities in both the US and the UAE. Eighteen states in the US are now looking into legislation that will prevent merchants from applying surcharges when customers use their credit cards. This is bad news for […]

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How to Pay Off Multiple Payday Loans

by Mike on April 27, 2013

How to pay off multiple pay day loans

The UK is in the grips of the most significant economic downturn since the 1930s. The banking crash of 2007 has had a profound effect on the millions of hard-working people in the UK who need financial assistance from time to time. Unable to obtain credit or overdrafts from mainstream lenders, an increasing number of […]


Creativity Can Make You Debt-Free

by Mike on February 6, 2013

Pay off debt

The Truth on How to Pay Off Debt Have you ever tried to pay off debt and end up frustrated and discouraged? Have you attended countless seminars and bought a lot of books on how to get out of debt but still ended up drowned in debt? You might even be wondering how in the […]

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Parting with Your Debt for Good

by Mike on January 9, 2013

Pay off Debt

Pay off Debt – Its a good start Whether you accept or believe what the media is saying, it can be difficult to make money these days; concurrently, your expenses always seem to increase. As a result, you end up in debt and experience more difficulty to pay off debt because your income is not […]


Debt Management Company – Can they help?

by Mike on November 2, 2012

Debt Management Company Headquarters

Although the recession may technically have passed, for many millions of people in the UK the financial crisis is still very much a reality. Unemployment is at record highs, credit card rates are higher than ever, and interest rates remain incredibly low, making it more difficult than ever to find value if you’re looking to […]


Personal Debt: Its not all bad news

by Mike on August 31, 2012

Personal Debt

Personal Debt Personal debt doesn’t always have to be bad news. Debt can be classified into different kinds that have different effects upon us and our personal finances and it can be important to understand those. Bad debt: Those purchases we make for ourselves or for those greedy reasons. That new flat screen TV, the […]


How to Bounce Back Fast…

by Mike on July 9, 2012

Bouncing on Trampoline

When life changed my health drastically for the worse, no one gave me an instruction booklet on what to do. For a while I floundered, despaired, tried doing everything, nothing, and then (eventually) figured out what I should have been doing all along. Here are three important guidelines I would pass on to anyone who […]