How To Work Around Your Disability

by Mike on April 23, 2017

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Unfortunately, the business world is not always kind or fair to those who have disabilities. In this world there are some people who seem to get things a lot more easily than others, and in whom mediocrity is much more easily accepted – able bodied white heterosexual men seem to be able to soar effortlessly to the top of the business ladder without even trying, while other people will have to work at a much higher level to be considered for the same opportunities. This is frustrating and unfair for women, for people of colour, and for those who have disabilities. Here are some tips on how you can keep going in the workplace and get what you deserve if you have a disability.

Demonstrate Your Capability

One of the most damaging and incorrect stereotypes of people with disabilities in the workplace is that people sometimes assume that they’re unable to do their work to the same standard as everyone else because of their disability. Not only is this insulting to those with disabilities, but it’s also downright incorrect. It can be very frustrating to see other people making mistakes and for them to be dismissed as simply human error, when your mistakes are attributed partly to your disability. After all, disability or no disability, absolutely no one is perfect in the workplace and you should be allowed some space to make mistakes as you learn. However, because of other people’s misconceptions, it’s important for you to get the hang of your job as quickly as possible. Ask for more responsibilities as soon as you can to demonstrate your willingness to learn and to keep moving up and to demonstrate to the more ignorant people around that you are fully capable of doing your job to a high level.

Be Legally Aware

It’s important that you’re aware of your rights. Your workplace needs to be fully accessible and you need to make sure that you aren’t being discriminated against in any way, so it’s important that you know your local legislation to ensure that things are fair. Not knowing will make you feel uncertain about what you’re entitled to. Talk to a local attorney like if you feel that you aren’t being treated fairly at work.

Keep Your Boss Informed

Finally, if you have a decent boss then you should feel able to keep them informed about what exactly your needs are, if you have any different ones to other people that you work with. It’s your company’s responsibility to accommodate you so that you can do your job to the best of your ability. If you need flexible hours, make your boss aware of that. If you need a special chair to be comfortable, this should be provided for you. If you need time to go to medical or physiotherapy appointments, talk to your boss about how this can be accommodated easily into your work day. It’s important to find a compromise that you’re happy with – but it’s even more important for you to feel valued and comfortable.

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