How To Raise $10,000 In Four Months

by Mike on March 4, 2017

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There’s a secret out there in the world that few people know about it, but one that many could benefit from. And it is this. It’s entirely possibly to raise many thousands of dollars, learn skills, and see a new part of the world. All in just a few months. How? It’s called seasonal work, and it’s happening all around you and the wider world. If you’ve grown tired of the rat race or you just want to build a large amount of capital pretty quickly, then read on, because this life might just be for you.

Where to Look

You can’t just quit your job, walk down the road, and grab a seasonal job. Seasonal jobs only exist in places that are, you guessed it, operated seasonally! This is very often the tourism sector, but it also extends to wildlife areas, fishing, fruit picking, and other outdoor work. There are a few job boards that advertise for these positions, but if you’re keen to work in one particular it’s best finding the companies online and giving them a call. Many positions don’t require any skills other than hard work, though if you do have particular skills you can expect to earn even more money.

What to Expect

Seasonal workers can get a pretty sweet deal. They’re paid by the hour, receive subsidised housing, and in some cases get free meals! They’re also typically not in areas with shops and you live close to the job, so you end up saving a large amount of what you earn. One thing is for certain though: you have to work hard. There is no room for passengers in a seasonal position, simply because the jobs only last a matter of months. If you have a strong work ethic, you can expect to earn a lot of money.


Seasonal work isn’t for everyone. For starters, it’s a short term job, so you’d be leaving your current position or home for work that’s only going to last 4 – 6 months. Also, they can be dangerous, and you’ll need to ensure you have things like AICPA life insurance; being at sea, in the case of fishing, is inherently dangerous, and other jobs such as tree planting you’ll be outside in the wild, far away from civilisation. Also be aware that if you take a position, most jobs have a policy of paying you an extra dollar for every hour you work, but you’ll only get that should you work to the end of your contract. When the going gets tough, you’ll have to see it out or risk losing a lot of money.

Looking Forward

People make a career of seasonal work. They work during the summer months, then take the winter off, travelling or just pursuing their hobbies. Whatever you do, you’ll be sitting on several thousand dollars, with which you can many things! And who knows, you might just find that seasonal work sure does beat the regular 9-5, full time office job.

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