Stop Waiting On A Home That Simply Isn’t Selling

by Mike on February 7, 2017

Stop Waiting On A Home That Simply Isn't Selling

There are very few things that are as truly annoying as a house that just isn’t shifting as fast as you really want it to. Especially when you have somewhere you want to move to and you’re just waiting for that one green light before all the wheels can start turning. However, waiting isn’t going to do anything. It’s time to take action instead.

Take an active approach

If you’re not continually looking for new places to advertise your home and to draw more attention to it, then it’s no wonder you haven’t had enough bites yet. The online world is a great resource, whether it’s spreading the news amongst Facebook friends or creating a love-letter video to your home on Youtube. But beyond advertising, you should look into connecting directly with markets of active buyers. That’s one of the real benefits of sites like More than advertising passively, the right estate agents are connected to networks of buyers that they can actively approach.

Know what buyers want to see

Of course, your home will be a lot easier to advertise if you know exactly what you should be advertising about it. Think about what you would want to see most from a home if you were going to invest in it. Start with the essentials like the number of rooms and the amount of space. But go further into the details that make it look not only like a good home but a promising investment. Talk about potential extensions and the qualities of the area in your advertising.

Find your aesthetic balance

You want to stage the home so that it’s a lot more appealing when people actually set foot on the property as well. But this means finding a balance. Yes, you should tidy the home indoors and outdoors. Get rid of clutter, tidy your garden, and depersonalize it. However, don’t entirely rob it of all its style. You want a bit of décor in there to at least prove an example of just one way to use the space. Otherwise, viewers are greeted with a blank space which doesn’t do all that much to give one’s imagination a boost.

The money matters

Finally, you’re never going to be able to sell until you get real with the price. There are different strategies you can use, as displayed at Perhaps the most reliable one is using what the data is going to say about the home. Don’t place an arbitrary value based on what you think you deserve. Give your home a proper valuation. Take a look at the records of past house sales in the area. If you really want to increase the price, then you better be willing to spend a little time, money, and effort on making improvements to the house.


Armed with the right knowledge of buyers, of the market, and of your own property, it’s not difficult to make your home a lot easier to sell. The worst thing you can do is keep sitting around waiting to get lucky.

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