Protecting Your Finances: Road Accidents Can Cost You More Than Your Car

by Mike on February 10, 2017

Protecting Your Finances: Road Accidents Can Cost You More Than Your Car

If you ever have a road accident involving another vehicle, the first thing on your mind will most likely be the safety of you, anyone in your car and anyone else involved in the accident. Hopefully, if you should ever be involved in a road-related accident, it’ll only be a minor bump and there will only be minor injuries sustained by all people involved. Of course, even if that is the case, the headache isn’t over just yet. Road accidents can cost a lot more in damages than the dents or scratches in the paintwork of your car.

If you’re wondering how to be prepared for an accident on the road, beyond merely driving safely and hoping it’ll never happen, you have to be prepared for any financial hits you might take as a result of the crash. If you’re at fault for the incident, especially, you need to keep a level head and follow the legal steps in order to ensure your bank account takes as soft a blow as possible. Here are some pieces of advice for protecting your finances, should you ever be involved in a road accident.

Exchange details, and return to your car.

Don’t do anything else. If you ever have an accident, these should be the two things circling your brain. You’ll check that everybody involved is okay, of course, and ensure that nobody needs any medical attention, but after that, you simply gather the details of the other driver involved in the accident for insurance purposes and then return to your vehicle. Don’t drive away, and don’t admit fault to the other driver. It’s better not to get caught up in a conversation, because, given the nature of the situation, a “sorry” might pop out without you intending it to do so. If you admit fault, this can affect your case for an insurance claim.

Steps to take for a court case.

If it’s clear that you’re at fault, however, you’ll likely face a court case and any number of fines or possibly the threat of a jail sentence, depending on the extent of damage caused by the road accident. In this case, you need to protect your assets and yourself. You should be on the defensive and not the offensive.

You want to sustain as little damage as possible, and courts don’t take car accident cases lightly, especially if injuries were involved, as you pose a danger to other drivers on the road, as well as pedestrians. There are criminal defense and dui attorneys who will strive to genuinely help you, which is what you’ll need if you’re ever trying to form a defence against such a serious case. Hopefully you’ll never be in the wrong for such an accident, but you need to remain calm and build a defense which demonstrates your values as a person, if so.

Keep proceedings short.

If you’re lucky enough that nobody was injured in a road accident, then take whatever financial hit comes your way and move on. Whether you’re at fault or not, it isn’t worth chasing claims or trying to stretch out a case, because it might cost you more in the long run. Road accidents always wind up being a costly situation whatever the overall outcome, so don’t add to that.

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