Three Finance Issues You Should Not Be Afraid To Confront

by Mike on January 13, 2017

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Sometimes people get scared or weary when it comes to money and finance. They won’t pursue the correct course of action because they think it is the wrong thing to do or otherwise don’t want to be blamed for any loss of money. Yet there are certain situations in which you need to stand up for yourself and claim what’s yours. Money can be the difference between a hard struggle of a life to an easy flowing life with all the amenities you need. You can have this life if you take the bull by the horns and confront these financial issues instead of letting them wash over you and drain you not only of cash, but happiness too. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from, you should always stick up for yourself, and this certainly doesn’t change when finance comes into it.

Getting Underpaid

The majority of people work. Essentially, they sell their time, and perhaps a certain skillset to an employer who will pay them for it. But when you get underpaid, or not paid at all, things need to change and quick. Just imagine if your company were paying you for not working? It would never happen and if it somehow did things would change quickly. Don’t stand for it. Yes, mistakes happen and happen often, but when it comes to money they should be few and far between because you may have bills to pay and need the money to actually live.

The issue usually occurs in human resources where your hours worked haven’t been processed or a simple mistake in the payroll systems means the money wasn’t paid to you. Don’t not say anything. Go to them straight away and resolve the pay query as soon as you can. They may say something about you having to wait until the next payday, but if you need the money confront them and stand your ground. They can pay out intermittently if they wanted to, but it is hassle on their part. However, they made the mistake so they should go to the trouble of rectifying it. Tell them you need the money asap. If the mistakes keep occurring or if they refuse to pay you earlier go to a union to seek independent advice or put a complaint in. You don’t deserve to be saddled with the worry of being underpaid each payday.

Act On A Personal Injury Personal injury claims

If you get injured, be it at a workplace, in a car or by some strange act but still the result of someone else’s mistakes you should take action. It isn’t fair that you’ve been put out at the result of someone else. The injury could result in a lengthy time off work where your employers pay you less money, or even mean you live the rest of your life in a different way due to the seriousness of the injury suffered. It can be daunting facing up to these people. You need to find a good lawyer straight away, some can be found at the McNeely Stephenson Law Firm.

Having a lawyer on board means they do all of the heavy lifting with you just providing a statement or two in regards to the accident. Sure, it can be awkward when you’re suing the people that employ you but you need to act otherwise they’ll get away with it and someone else could get hurt. The money can recompense you for loss of earnings or instances of life you have missed whilst injured.

If you’re injured in a car injury and suffer from something like whiplash, you should claim. It can be strange sueing an individual instead of a corporation and you may feel bad for doing it but if it is going to affect your quality of life then don’t be afraid and don’t look back. Remember, they have insurance so it is the firm who is paying out instead of the individual.

Don’t Let Debt Swallow You Whole

Debt is another debilitating finance issue you must not be afraid to confront. Sure, it may be your fault you’re in the situation, but it doesn’t mean you can be taken for a ride. Some lending companies offer completely unrealistic interest rates and use craft techniques of getting you on board. But don’t fret, because although you will need to pay the money back there are methods and   Dont let debt swallow youmeans of doing it on your own terms. One thing you need to avoid is getting a bad credit rating or you being disbarred from any future finance because it could really affect the quality of your life and may end up without the ability to use direct debits.

Your first port of call is taking a consolidation loan. A bank or lender can give you a wider loan from which you can pay off all the money you owe. This way you only owe money to one reputable source with which you can agree realistic payment options. You’ll still owe the same amount of money but no longer will you be having to worry about paying different sums out at separate times. By taking the loan you can even end up paying less each month depending on the agreement with your lender, there will certainly be less interest involved too.

If for some reason you don’t want to take a loan or you can’t take a loan, then your government may have certain debt collection help for you which could see large swathes of debt wiped off of your account. Both options are worth pursuing, otherwise you’ll end up paying way more money in late payment fees and interest. Don’t be afraid to seek these routes, people do it all of the time that’s why these loans exist and government help available. Debt collectors are notoriously gung ho in their approach and will threaten and cajole you so act as soon as you realise you’ve overextended yourself. You’re allowed to make mistakes, just don’t’ let the consequences ruin your life.


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