Ouch! Dealing with the Financial Pains of an Injury

by Mike on December 10, 2016

Ouch! Dealing with the Financial Pains of an Injury

When most people think of injuries, they think of physical pain. They imagine blood, broken bones, sprains, moaning. They don’t usually think about the other implications that come with an injury. This is pretty understandable. After all, most of us have experienced an injury at some point in our lives. And the pain was probably at the forefront of our thoughts about it!

But there are other things you need to worry about if you become injured. Namely, the financial effects an injury can have on you. You may not have thought about these in much detail in the past. But it’s absolutely vital that you prepare yourself for potential financial difficulties if you become seriously injured.

So what exactly are the effects you need to prepare for? We’re going to take a quick look at the three that are the most common – and also the most damaging. You should have some sort of plan in place to deal with any of these problems before you get injured!

Treatment costs

This is the most immediate concern for the majority of people. If you don’t have the right insurance or if your company refuse to cover you, then you could end up having to pay some horrifying costs. Thankfully most injuries don’t require any extensive medical treatment. But even common injuries will require doctor visits and medicines that will cost you!

Some will claim that there’s an obvious solution to this problem. And that, of course, is to have been insured in the first place. This is easier said than done for a lot of people, however. If you’re struggling to get insurance, you should look into getting any help you can.

Legal fees

So what happens if your injury wasn’t your own fault? If someone else was responsible for your injury, then you should consider taking legal action. It’s likely that you’re entitled to compensation. This is also valid in many workplace injuries: if you’ve been injured on the job, then it’s likely that the employer is legally responsible for the incident.

Insurance companies and employers don’t always do right by you, unfortunately. This is when you have to start thinking about working with a personal injury lawyer. This, of course, presents its own set of legal fees. Still, it could be entirely worth it if you’re able to get properly compensated, thus offsetting all of the costs of your injury. Of which there is one more to point out…

Loss of income

There are plenty of people out there who will look at an injury as having a silver lining: they’ll think to themselves “Hey, at least I’ll get a bunch of time off work!” Yeah, that sounds pretty great, at first. But not everyone has the luxury of getting their time off work paid.

Most people in the United States are paid by the day or the hour. This means that not turning up, even if it’s because of an injury they couldn’t avoid, will result in them losing precious income. For people who work from home, this might not affect them. But others will probably want to look into their legal options.

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