5 Of The Most Extreme Ways To Pay Off Your Debt You Just Have To See!

by Mike on October 6, 2016

5 Of The Most Extreme Ways To Pay Off Your Debt You Just Have To See!

It’s no secret that most people are in debt to some degree. We often have a few loans and credit card balances that we need to pay, some of which date back to our college days. To clear those debts, most of us have to work for a living and pay things back over some years.

What if I told you that there are some extreme yet proven ways to pay your debts off at a quicker rate? Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting you sell any of your vital body parts for cash! Intrigued?

Check out these examples for size:

1. Get a job with free accommodation

If you live at home with your family, you can probably skip this strategy. However, if you don’t, you can get rid of your accommodation costs by getting a job that includes a room! Sure, it might not be as glamorous as living in an apartment or house. But, it means you can use the money saved on your housing costs to pay your debts off faster.

2. Live in a tent

If it’s not possible to get free accommodation, there are plenty of cheap alternatives. One such example is to live in a tent! For safety and security, I’d recommend staying at a holiday park. You also gain the advantage of washing and shower facilities there too.

3. Consolidate your debts

Debt consolidation is a real choice for those that have several individual debts. The idea is debtors only pay one single and affordable monthly payment. It gives them the financial freedom to survive and not sail close to the wind, as it were.

Payday loans can also be the cause of many people’s debt problems. They can spiral out of control, especially when interest and fees get added to the debts. Organizations like Real PDL Help can help people in those situations with payday loans.

4. Become an extreme eBay trader in your spare time

I know, that doesn’t sound extreme in the slightest, right? Most people know they can buy things offline and sell them online for a profit. The “extreme” element is with the volume of transactions you make.

If you’ve got a spare room in your home, stuff it full of stock you can source locally! Many folks turn to eBay if they don’t have a way of buying those items in person themselves. Examples range from the infirm to those living in remote areas.

Of course, you should make sure you only sell stock that people want to buy! Consider using a research tool like Terapeak to help you in your quest. And don’t forget to have several hundred listings active at any one time for quicker success!

5. Join the Air Force Reserves

Did you know that joining the Air Force Reserves is also a good way of paying your debt off quicker? For a start, successful recruits receive a generous sign-up bonus. They also get paid well as they progress through the ranks.

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job, you could solve your debt crisis and make a difference to our nation!
Good luck!


***Image thanks to Jason Taellious***

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