How To Get Paid What You’re Really Worth

by Mike on November 6, 2014

How To Get Paid What You're Really Worth

Everyone wants to make more money. Whether your financial goals are to save more for retirement, beef-up your emergency fund, pay down debt, or improve your lifestyle, earning more money makes those goals easier to attain. Want to cash a larger paycheck without getting a second job? Here are a few tips to get paid what you’re really worth at work.

Negotiate for a Raise

Sometimes, you need to ask for what you want. If you don’t get the pay bump you want at your next performance review, ask for more money. Consider what your experience and skills are really worth, not just how much you think your boss will agree to pay you. Don’t pick a number out of the air either, research your industry and find out your market value.

When you present your number, back it up with documentation of your successes and accomplishments. It doesn’t hurt to ask for more than what you want so your bosses will have room to maneuver and negotiate. Still sound too daunting? Don’t worry, even highly paid executives doubt their worth from time to time. Fake it until you make it. The more you present yourself as someone who is worth a lot, the more you’ll convince yourself and others that it’s true.

Score a Promotion

If you think you’ve reached the compensation ceiling for your current position, perhaps it’s time to climb the ladder. Let your boss know you’re ready for more responsibility by taking initiative. Always do more than asked, perform unexpected duties, and help complete extra assignments and projects. Just make sure that when you take on more tasks, you have to complete them on time and of course with much better results than you used to.  It would also help if you become more visible to your coworkers by helping them out where they need to.  That way, not only your boss can see your worth but you can start gaining trust and confidence from your team.  

Another way to increase your chances of landing a promotion is to gain more training. Consider completing a STEM degree or graduate program. Don’t have enough time for college courses? Keep an eye out for training seminars or industry related conferences. Need another way to impress your boss? Conduct your own research or study.  There are so many tools and resources you can access online which you can do during your spare time.  Learn something new everyday and don;t keep what you learn, share it when something arises and you know it will be useful.

Join Forces with a Mentor

How To Get Paid What You're Really WorthEnlisting the help of a mentor can have a surprisingly positive impact on your success at work. Sometimes it’s difficult to see your own weaknesses, but a mentor can give objective and constructive feedback about your performance. If you find a mentor outside of your workplace, they’ll be able to provide a safe space for you to vent without worrying about your reputation at work.

Finding a mentor is easier than you might think. Simply send a polite email to someone you admire professionally, compliment their success, and ask if they’d be willing to offer some guidance. The pay-off? Not only will your work improve, your confidence will too. That will make asking for a raise or applying for a promotion less daunting. If you’re self-employed, greater success means more money in your pocket!

It might take a bit of extra work to show your true worth at the office, but it will be worth it. More money, more opportunities, and more job satisfaction. After all, working a little harder at your current role is certainly more practical than getting a second job to earn more money.


***Photos thanks to blickpixel and geralt of Pixabay***

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