Gaming online – from hobby to a source of revenue

by Mike on September 17, 2014

Gaming online - from hobby to a source of revenue

We all have hobbies. Some of us like to tend a garden, others carve, knit or write poetry. And some of us have more virtual ones, like playing computer games over the internet.

The variety of games played by gamers over the internet is huge. Some prefer massively multiplayer role playing games, exploring vast universes of might and magic, or even robots and space ships as they progress. Others have more violent games in their minds, shooters and survival games with player versus player. Some opt for mind games and strategy, playing endless games of chess against each other over the web. One thing is common about them all though – their passion for their chosen genre.

There is one category of online games that is a bit controversial in it does not just need passion and time but also investment of real money. I’m talking about casino games and other forms of wagering available in various real money online establishments. I know I have spoken before about making money streaming online games and my personal favorite saving money by being a gamer but spending money online in one of the various forms of gambling is almost alien to myself.

 So whats with wagering online

Wagering over the internet is a rather old industry – people have played games of poker over IRC channels in the early 1990s – with no money involved back in the day. The first outlet to allow wagering of real money was launched in 1994 by Microgaming, a company that has in time become one of the most appreciated software developers of the industry.

It is hard to distinguish passionate casino games fans from those who get involved in this type of gaming just for financial gain. Most people think the only satisfaction these games hold for their players is the money they can possibly earn – these people have probably never even tried any of the games themselves. Some even consider wagering a sin, or an activity equal to consumption of drugs (although any other game can become addictive, even with no money involved).

To be fair, wagering can be a dangerous hobby. It’s easy to go over board and become addicted to winning, it’s easy to spend too much on games of chance. But still, don’t forget that we are talking about games – games that are entertaining and exciting, and the possible financial gain attached to them is an extra. Besides, unlike most drugs, wagering is legal in most jurisdictions – or even state-run, like the national lottery present in every country.

One category of players – called “professional gamblers” – even consider wagering their main source of income. These people are not just passionate about the games, but also know the tricks of the trade to use them in their advantage, and often generate income in a way that is pleasurable for them. For them it is not just a hobby anymore – it’s become their employment.

So is it for you?

My suggestion would be not to listen to anyone, but try it for yourself. Visit now to start living the good life – or if it does not appeal to you try one of the other various online casinos. It’s your decision.


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1 Chris Carter January 27, 2015 at 2:12 pm

Don’t ever bet on online casinos. It’s all rigged. You can’t possibly win any money.

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