Cash in the Attic – Making Money from your Old Junk

by Mike on September 26, 2014

Cash in the Attic – Making Money from your Old Junk

If you’re anything like me, you may be guilty of being a bit of a hoarder and you sometimes struggle to part ways with some of your possessions – even if they are just collecting dust in your attic or loft space.

The reality you need to face up to is that this mass of clutter can in fact be a treasure trove of items just waiting for you to capitalize on. What you may no longer need may be something wanted by another individual.  And rather than leaving your spare items to the ravages of time and moths you need to get sorting and get selling, so how exactly can you go about this?

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

First things first, you need to sort, organize and prioritize.  This would include knowing what you must throw away, what you can still recycle and make use of and what you can sell that others may find useful still.  A number of items you probably won’t get anything for are old newspapers, magazines or damaged and broken items.  They normally go to the trash unless of course you have some creative spirit and spare time turn them into some arts and crafts for your home.

Any items with potential value like ornaments, heirlooms, antiques, furniture and even clothing can then be set aside to be prioritized for sale. What you need to do now is perform a bit of research on how to go about making money in selling them. The internet gives us an ability like never before as the best place for the kind of information you are looking for.  You can get advice on where to sell and price estimations for items you are planning to sell. You have to have some realistic expectations to sell your items but of course you dont want to under price them. You have to be prepared that you might perhaps feel a little short-changed for some of your more favorite items.  Try to also remember patience can often reward you in the long run when you are selling as you might possibly get a bigger offer in the future.

Where to Sell?

You have several options as to where you should sell your items.  Make a list of similar items you’ve found based on your research.  If you think you need more information or not sure whether how much amount you think a good sell is, an efficient and straightforward option is to take your items to  established Pawnbrokers.

What you will find by using a Pawnbroker is they can be very flexible regarding your items and will offer you up front and honest valuations right away. You can discuss the possible cost and they usually provide a reason or two why they arrive at that amount.  Moreover it is always your choice to decide whether you accept their negotiations or not.  That gives you more flexibility and control over your items.

Also by using a Pawnbroker you can get pay your item back in the future in case for some reason you decided not to part with it.  This gives you a sense of security that your item will still be there in a specific period of time if ever you do have the need to get it back.

Added Benefits

Whatever method of selling you choose you will find that aside from the obvious financial benefits, you will also have the added bonus of getting more space in your home.  This is a great way to organize things, have an extra room in your home, make or who knows start a new business endeavor.  This would be like hitting more than two birds with one stone.


***Photo thanks to Eastlake Times***

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