Ten ways you can change your thinking about finances

by Mike on May 12, 2014

Ten ways you can change your thinking about finances

Upon sitting here a little depressed on the weekend pondering the finances in my small business (its been a slow month) I caught myself falling into some bad habits I thought I had grown out of. Having done some mindset work about business and my finances I had thought I had gotten past falling into some of my old ways and was therefore quite surprised to find myself doing this again. So today I would like to offer ten easy ways you can change your thinking about finances and hopefully help improve them. My ten ways for feeling better and focusing my efforts on achieving good results in my business and ultimately my finances.

My Ten ways you can change your thinking about finances

  1. Focus on what you really want INSTEAD of the worry, doubt and negativity. Are you spending all your time worrying about whats wrong and not thinking about what you really want. Try and make a quick dot point list of what you actually WANT!
  2. Take a moment to think about how badly other people might have it compared to your situation. People losing their homes, health or family members or even other nations wracked by violence or natural disaster. Your slightly off month is not looking as bad as it was a little while ago is it?
  3. Now that you’ve written your want list think about how does it feel as you read through it? Do you still feel awful or starting to feel somewhat more positive about your goals and outcomes (For me this makes me feel better and I hope it does the same for you!)
  4. Stay focused on how good it feels as you read through what you want again and again. I personally try reading this list every morning now I have it.
  5. Visualize and FEEL your (wants/desires or goals) can feel like if you achieve them or they take place. How would that extra sale or new client make you feel.
  6. Pay attention to how your body feels now? Is its feeling calm and relaxed or are you still feeling all pent up and anxious. For me I am feeling much more positive and calm.
  7. Set a time frame for each one of those outcomes on your list. Perhaps its next week or next year but jot down an eta you feel you can achieve this.
  8. Meditation. Yes I know it sounds corny but I find sitting down and thinking about my work day ahead can put me in a good frame of mind and focus for the day ahead. Want to take this further? Try doing the same at night once you have finished the working day! (this can take a mere 5 minutes). I have always found this helps sort out in my own mind what I need to accomplish for the day and I let my mind roam sometimes I have creative ideas for my work tasks.
  9. The power of writing should never be underestimated. I know I have spoken about writing things out before (like your yearly goals) but when was the last time you wrote out how you feel about money. Does it make you anxious or excited? Does your current job drag you down or pump you up when your successful? Take some time to journal or write out your feelings about money, success and achieving great results.
  10. I personally often fail to do this but have a list of what you need to achieve every day. This list should include tasks which make you money along with things you enjoy (which can be rewards). This is so powerful for me as it encourages me to make efforts to achieve my rewards. Doesn’t have to be massive for me its simply time spent gaming or watching it!


And that wraps up my ten tips to help change my thinking about finances. I dont always manage these all the time but find that when I do use them they make a difference to how I approach finances, my own personal wealth and how hard I am working to improve my situation.


Know a powerful tool for thinking more positively about finances? Know someone who could use my ten tips today? Leave us a comment or dont forget to share for your friends!


***Photo thanks to Jacob Botter***

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