Quick Ways to Decorate your Bedroom on a budget

by Mike on August 21, 2013

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Living on your own gives you all freedom to choose to redecorate when you want and with the look you want but keeping it to a budget can be a challenge. Living on your own lets you decide on the expenditures but also ultimately means you have to bear the cost yourself. Decorating your bedroom the cheapest way with simple and easy tips can end up saving you big money which stays in your own pocket. Take advantage of your own home to decide the best ways to decorate your bedroom your way!

Is your bedroom your sanctuary?

Always consider that your bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s the place where you can relax after long days work and truly let your hair down. Making your bedroom a place of comfort and security with the following cheap ways to decorate your bedroom;

  •  First and foremost before you decorate your bedroom on any kind of budget you have to clean your room thoroughly and give you a clean template to work with. You may find after a thorough clean you do not have to decorate your bedroom the cheapest waybuy expensive things or pay for changes to the room to make your bedroom feel right.
  • Look for suggestions from magazines that will give you an idea on how to decorate your bedroom BEFORE you start. Find free ideas (your not paying anyone yet are you!) and building a plan of what you want to accomplish that that is simple, cheap and homey to you.
  • You have to sit down and decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. You may not have considered which items will work perfectly with your new bedroom and which ones might need to go. If you want to get rid of something please don’t throw them away, you can store them for another redecoration or give them to charity.  In this way you have decorated your bedroom on the budget and also done a charitable deed.
  • Using wallpapers to change the physical appearance of the room and bring it to life can be one of the simplest cheap ways to decorate your bedroom. You can go to Ebay, Amazon or online stores that offer out-of-production wallpapers at the heaviest discounts.  Another idea for decorating your bedroom on the cheapest way possible is to strategically place wallpaper to one wall only.  There is no reason why you cannot give a creative accent by just decorating one wall as a feature part of the room.
  • Another cheap way of decorating your bedroom is you can buy a can of paint in your all-time favorite color and paint the wall behind the bed. Then, buy a large piece of artwork and install it above the headboard. Or instead of buying oversized (and often overpriced) artwork, you can always use black-and-white photos of your favorite places, create a gallery wall of pictures of family and friends, or even hang a blank canvas on which you can write your favorite quotes.


Decorating your bedroom the cheapest way isn’t always a big job!

cheap ways to decorate your bedroom Its not always about pulling out the tools and ripping your room apart in an effort to make it new and comfortable. Sometimes it can be as easy as changing some of the items in your room to match your idea of a change! Top tips for not completely renovating your room but obtaining that new feeling!

  1.  You can change your bedding’s, change your bed sheets, comforters and even pillowcases which often gives you an air of comfort and new aura for your bedroom.  You don’t always have to buy new linen if your trying to keep within your budget. Check the linen closet for those sheets and blankets you don’t often use. If that doesn’t work you can find cheap but nice bedding’s on sale on department stores, factory outlets or even scout for neighbors who are having a garage sale. (not sure about your thoughts on this one!)
  2. Another cheap way of decorating your bedroom is to change the rugs. It will add coziness to your space and can definitely look great at the end of your bed.  You can choose bright colors to add brightness to your surrounds.
  3. You can also go for mirrors to make your bedroom look bigger.  Look for some cool decorative details and hang the mirror so it faces a window or door and reflects the open space.
  4. Also consider buy or fitting curtains. Look for cheapish ones and instead of hanging them just over your window, have them start at the top of the wall and use your creativity to have a dramatic effect on your bedroom.
  5. Switching out furniture is an easy way to inexpensively way to decorate your bedroom. Start by repositioning the bed in a different location (at no cost!). If you have side tables in another part of the house that could work as bedside tables, switch them out (at no cost!). Buy inexpensive but classy accessories, such as a cool mirror, an accessories tray for your dresser or new window treatments. Tip: Always introduce a pattern, texture or both, if possible, into your room if it seems flat.

Can you decorate your bedroom on a budget?

decorate your bedroom on a budget

Decorating your bedroom in the cheapest way possible will makes your budget go further and make spending on that luxury item just that bit more manageable. Its not always about vast hordes of tradesmen and construction work and after the fact the extra money available for that next project, investment or debt payoff will only make the feel of your savings and new bedroom all the better.


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