Four Iphone Casino Apps I caught my girlfriend playing

by Mike on May 18, 2013

Gambling budget

Having spent two and a half weeks on a cruise recently it may shock you to learn I spent some happy times juggling my finances to give myself a gambling budget which I happily spent on roulette.  It may shock you even more to learn my lady spent the majority of her time on her phone with a combination of offline game Apps and Iphone Casino Apps which required an internet connection (something quite challenging when crossing the Pacific). Now I know I have written before about challenging your Financial Mindset and looking at money, how you feel about it and addressing some of those little thoughts we have in the bottom of our minds. So today I would like to follow up on that with a quick look at the Iphone casino apps my lady was playing and the different mindset we both had during our gambling runs.

Setting a Gambling Budget and sticking to it Iphone Casino Apps

Having witnessed first hand how involved my lady was in her phone and in addition how keen I was for every evening to roll around so I could hit the on board casino the first thing we needed to do was to make a budget and stick to it. Several factors can influence this like the spending budget you set aside for your traveling and even how you feel about the money. We talked briefly at the start of the trip about a gambling budget and I am proud to say we stuck to it. Here are some tips we followed;

  • Set the budget down on paper not in your own mind. This helps to stick to it.
  • This is holiday time. Do things you might not normally do.
  • If your playing with cash set aside the gambling money from your other spending cash so its readily apparent which is play money and which is reserved
  • If your playing online like my lady was transfer your stake money prior to leaving on the trip.
  • As with paying bills online Utilize a bill account not your main savings. (Security when spending online remember)
  • Be disciplined..once its gone its gone!

 Your being responsible right?

You saw above we set definite limits and aimed at keeping those. Responsible gambling is something I feel many people need to learn. To us its about making smart decisions with your time and money and having rewarding fun. We spent hours in the casino together and I was usually helping my lady with her IPhone (usually sitting around the pool! Its a terrible life sometimes isn’t it!) play as well. There is an opportunity cost of all spending and this is something with financial smarts needs to remember. It shouldn’t be considered a job or a way of making a little extra money. Sure its great when this comes true (see down below) but you should only play with the money your willing to spend.

Iphone apps Where on earth did she find these Iphone Casino Apps?

Finding Iphone Casino Apps isn’t as complicated as one might think but I will be honest I have no idea how my lady found the ones she has installed. There are some differences between the paid and free versions of all of these casinos. You will need to make a decision on spending real money versus play money as different Apps cater for different choices. Apple Itunes software manages and runs all your Iphone related Apps and is a free download onto your PC however there are literally thousands of Apps (both free and paid) to be found there. I found it almost easier to rely on Google as they tend to provide links direct to the software makers themselves. After doing some detective work here are some of the links direct to the Iphone Casino Apps she was using and links to ITunes store of the others.

777 Slots

Double Down Casino

Slot Mania

So the End Result?

Well I would consider it a success. I personally spent 17 nights at sea and in the end walked off the ship with a couple of hundred dollars more than I started with. My Lady walked off dead even from before she started the trip 100cashbut I had some trouble getting straight answers as she wasn’t keeping track of her balance before we left Australia. As I mentioned above however I was perfectly content to play and potentially lose all the money I had in my gambling budget and have a tonne of fun doing it!


Word of warning

Several countries have some funny laws about online and offline gambling when using real money. The ship wasn’t even allowed to run its Pokies or casino when not in international waters! Its most likely just so they can tax you on whatever you might win (or lose) but keep in your mind you may want to check up on your local laws and rules on online casinos to make sure your winnings stay your winnings if you are playing for cash!

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