Striking it rich by being lucky or doing it hard?

by Mike on March 14, 2013

Striking it rich

Can luck still make your fortune?

I receive a regular newsletter about people who run smart business’s and who start up companies with great creative smart ideas and working hard. In the latest version of SmartCompany they talk about a prospector / miner  who has had his personal wealth rise approximately 93 million dollars in roughly two weeks from good resource finds in a company of which he owns partial share. Now I don’t know what you call earnings in your workplace but my simple maths calculator works that out as  around 45.5 million dollars AUD per week. (I subtracted the original two million of his stake to be fair). Mark Creasy is also known as one of the most successful prospectors in Australian history after striking it rich pocketing 130 million AUD selling two gold prospects he had found and after that he certainly didn’t retire despite being over 60 years old.

You can debate all you like about people who reap natural resources from the earth but my point today is to question are Marks financial windfalls luck or as a result of working hard? Can we hold him up as an example of striking it rich or did he work for it?

Working Hard – Do people still do this and succeed?

Mark started out as an engineer (and I would assume a form of tertiary education to become an one) before migrating to Australia from the UK. So he put in the hard yards of study and working his way through a degree to get Working Hard into the field or industry he was interested in working in before moving to the location where he perhaps felt he could make his fortunes. Mark took action in his life and invested in making his dream work. I wrote earlier about some other inspirational gold miners who took action, took risks and left their comfort zone to try be the ones striking it rich. Perhaps you could say both Mark and the Hoffman’s were gamblers or adverse to working hard and where looking to get lucky. But as I am sure anyone in the mining field will tell you extracting anything from a mine isn’t easy work.

Profitable yes….easy no!


What does this mean to you? Can you be the one striking it rich?

Like all content I like to write I like to refer back to a financial mindset and thinking outside of the box. I want to challenge you today to consider once again how you consider your job and your investments. Mark could of sat back on his laurels after the first big success but by investing a small portion of his stake he managed to increase his net worth nearly 100 times which is big money in anyone’s books. He pushed himself and challenged to become something or someone even better.

  • How would you like your car to increase in value 100 time?Your home? Your stocks? Your bank account?
  • How are you taking action or steps to achieve this?
  • Are you investing in making yourself better or investing in something which may achieve some returns?


Passion in your work isn’t working hard

One of the biggest things I get out of this article was that Mark had made his fortune many many years ago but was still doing what he loved. Mark was simply doing what he is passionate about and call it luck, god or the universe he achieved some great returns on his investment.

In my offline work I enjoy working with a select group of customers who reward me for my creative thinking and my efforts but who also appreciate me. I don’t have a HUGE customer base I have a rewarding one I enjoy working with.  I talked about Tim Ferris and his 4 hour work week in an earlier post. One telling comment I found in there was if you could remove the 20-30% of the problem customers in your list you will probably find you keep the majority of the business but remove all the hassle.

In my online work I don’t receive a vast fortune for my effort but I certainly add to some of my income through doing things I enjoy and am passionate about. I am having a little bit of faith that if I am having fun the money will come my way through one method or another.

Are you working at a job your passionate about or grinding against the wheel every day awaiting the next paycheck? Do you still have passion for what you do?


Here is the link to Tim Ferris Book again if your interested.



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***Photo thanks to dlofink & Wesley Fryer***

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