Easy Money Saving Energy tips

by Mike on March 19, 2013

Money Saving Energy Tips

Sure I can tell you that saving energy and money around the house is easy but in order for this to work you need to get up off the couch and actually make some changes. I have written in several of my previous articles you need to take action to achieve any results so here is your warning I will nudge you a few times in today’s post. Here in Australia (and I am sure worldwide) our energy prices seem to increase every time I sit down for a hot dinner as a result of carbon tax and greedy governments so home energy saving and cutting your power bills is a pretty big topic. I constantly grumble at my housemate about saving energy and shudder every time I see the energy bill in the postbox.

Where do you start your home energy saving?

Saving energy at home is a well discussed issue in many western governments at the moment due to the demands by certain factions to cut back on waste, global warming and pollution. There are government based schemes you can organize (as well as commercial advice) involving home visits that can take a professional look at your home appliances and provide advice and monitoring on how to achieve some energy cuts. Carly over at the Huffington Post talked late last year about home energy saving at and I will quickly provide a summary of her post. (I personally believe much of this is common sense but studies have found some human adults need to be told seven times before certain information can be retained so here goes)

  • Not running your heat pump or air conditioner any harder than you need to keep the room at a comfortable level.
  • Use Swirly light bulbs (as Carly calls them)
  • Unplugging appliances when not in use or your not home
  • Get your energy audit (I mentioned this above)
  • Catch those standby energy devices by turning them off
  • Have a look at your energy appliances which are old and use far more power than you realize
  • Home automation through using smartphones and technology to adjust devices, timers and power usage to suit your habits and find ways to save money

The biggest difference I found personally here in my home were two or three of the most simple money saving energy tips yet despite ricing costs on electricity keep my bill stable or falling from quarter to quarter.

1) I replaced my old TV with a new one. Yes I bought a new LED TV to replace my five year old plasma. Want to know the power difference / rating? 78 watts drawn on the LED versus 550watts on the plasma. Not only is it 5 inches bigger (size does matter) I am using roughly  1/7 of the power I was using before. For even more energy efficiency, consider an organic LED TV – you can find OLED TVs for sale online here.

2) Turned my water heater down. Its still electricity based and as there is only two of us in the house we don’t use the hot water a full family of four might. Three minutes work with a flatblade screw driver and its running at a lower setting.

3) If I’m not in the room the light isn’t on. Simple isn’t it?

Compare Energy prices

Challenging your providers with their pricing plans and how they supply energy to your home is another worthwhile endeavor. I undertook this earlier on in the year and through three phone calls to a couple of suppliers I went from 5% discount to 10% to 13%. These percentages kept me below the price rises for the last 24 months not including the cutting back methods I mentioned above. Don’t forget to do some homework about whats available to you though. Energyhelpline is a good resource for those wanting to compare energy prices before making the call to your suppliers and as you know knowledge is power during negotiation.


home energy saving Home Energy Saving starts with YOU

I know all my readers are action takers and motivated financial thinkers so I know your going to take some steps to implement what I have spoken about here today and previously to start your home energy saving and to help cut down energy usage globally. Sure I know your only one household but if 50% of the western world homes undertook energy saving strategies that’s a lot of kilowatts and a lot of fossil fuels not being burnt. Not to mention the money you save can be spent on an investment or paying off some debt early.


Once you have made those changes head on over to my section on debt here and find some great ways you can act on that.

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1 KC @ genxfinance April 11, 2013 at 10:10 pm

Pam is right. Programmable thermostat is amazing. You might also want to check your appliances. If they are already too old, you need to change them. They exert too much effort and they consume more energy than newer generations of home appliances.

2 Pam@Pennysaverblog March 20, 2013 at 7:20 am

You can save a lot on heating costs by using a programmable thermostat, too. You use a lot less energy.

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