Abundant thinking vs frugal mindset

by Mike on March 5, 2013

Abundant Thinking

How do you think and whats your money mindset?


I have been talking quite a bit recently about some of the mindset changes (or way of thinking) that I have had over the last two years and how affects how I not only interact with people but also how I interact with money and my finances. I know several members of my family have commented about the change and no one is more surprised than me how a little reading or study can make a difference as to how we approach our lives. You see most people fall into the daily routine of our lives and forget to question learn or challenge the automatic decisions they make when on auto pilot.

You know what I mean – sleep, rise shower and off to work, coffee, work, lunch, coffee, home for dinner, time with the family and last but not least bed. Human beings by our very nature seem to be creatures of habit (lord knows I am!) and we love falling into these patterns. I heard Bob Harrison talk some months ago about his theories on Increase. One thing that stuck in my mind is his comment that we make 90% of our decisions daily on autopilot. Our subconscious makes them for us while we aren’t actively thinking. So if your not consciously thinking about the majority of our decisions is your subconscious doing the thinking for you. And is it a frugal mindset or one of abundant thinking?


Frugal Mindset – its all about saving


Having a frugal mindset is all about cutting your costs by spending or shopping smart. Its about looking at your transactions and maximizing bang for buck. If you don’t like that term its about getting the most for your money! I posted yesterday about my frugal mindset with Eating in vs Dining out which is one occasion I stopped to think about my automatic decisions before actually acting upon them. Frugal mindset is about shopping smart when your out and about and saving money where you can. Its all about;

  • Saving money by haggling and using coupons
  • Buying items on special or sale
  • Saving fees and consolidating finances credit cards and loans
  • Not shopping for wants but needs and when you do shopping smart not dumb
  • Asking for discounts (its amazing how many people don’t!)
  • Recycling presents, getting creative and artistic in the home to save
  • Doing things yourself instead of paying others


Abundant Thinking – Willing more into your life


This is probably where I have spent the most time in study or change. I am sure you have heard it refereed to it as money mindset or millionaire mindset perhaps. Its about leveraging your time skill and passions into smart decisions. Perhaps you could even go as far to say its about not trying to be something your not. Why spend four hours doing your taxes when an accountant can do it in one. Sure your accountant costs more than you do (frugal mindset) but with your skill set , passion and talent what could you earn with four hours work?

  • Do you clean your house or apartment yourself when someone else could be hired to do it for you?
  • How about the lawns? Mow your own lawns and do your own gardening?
  • Spend hours trying to fix your own technology when an IT support person could do it in one?

Many professional speakers (and I have heard a few) feel that spending time with frugal thinking means your only ever telling your subconscious you want less not more. Their constantly (you have seen The Secret haven’t you?) telling their guests if you want more you have to think more. A “fake it till you make it” abundant thinking mentality that suggests if you act generous and don’t fret the little things ultimately that the Universe, Grace, Luck or The Lord will ultimately provide you with more abundance. Not necessarily money but abundance in everything – spirit, happiness, finances, relationships.

Taking this just one step further for today Abundance thinking is about looking for opportunities in everything you do to be something better. To do something more. To give, spend or allocate your time, money and presence for others or simply because you can. The feeling is that if your giving that you shall receive back more than you ever give.

 Where to start your abundant thinking

For starters reading my article for today is a good beginning. You may also want to read about setting goals which was my post for 2013 New Year. Having a goal to strive for is a great way to start on abundant thinking and take the first step.

Also try some of these books below. I have linked back to Amazon as their one of the easiest places to buy new and used books from and if their available on Kindle their even cheaper! (frugal mindset!)

I mentioned leveraging your time effectively with the example of doing your taxes. Tim Ferris is the master of leverage so its a good starting point too!


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