TV shows that provide financial inspiration

by Mike on February 21, 2013

Financial Inspiration

What inspires you financially from your TV watching?

Okay so I admit it…I am addicted to watching a reality style TV show from discovery about some down and out American’s taking a financial risk in order to provide for their family’s through Gold Mining. The show is currently in season 3 and I have spent every minute its been on watching all the episodes PLUS all the “behind the scenes episodes” where they reveal interesting stuff about the cast of the show. I even have my girlfriend addicted to watching with me (not sure she fits the demographic discovery was aiming for but why not!) These guys took everything they own, could be borrowed, begged or could steal and took a risk heading up to the gold fields of Alaska and Canada trying to strike it rich. What intrigues me is their moving out of their “comfort zone” and pushing into the unknown can bring some parallels into anyone’s life!

Think about the mindset here

No experience, no idea and really no clue and yet their taking a chance to improve their lives and that of their families. Overcoming adversity and taking on a challenge isn’t something most human beings feel comfortable doing. I think as humans we are often conditioned to take the easy route which in turn returns results that are short of what we need or require. We can also become lodged in the routine of our lives and rarely take action to make change unless something forces us. In Gold Rush the miners are forced to take action through responsibility to their families and whilst I am not sure their going to succeed (lord knows they didn’t quite manage in the first two seasons) taking action of any kind is better than no action. These guys have adjusted their mindset from one of blame or victim “The economy has ruined me” or “I am in trouble who will help me?” to more of action takers.

I have pinned above my desk a sign which reads “Inching forwards is not going backwards”. IE Taking a step forward of any kind no matter how small can be better than no step at all.

Draw your own inspiration and take action

So what TV series might you watch when your at home. Reality? Financial? Sport? Documentary? Soaps? Make a change with your daily routine and rather than zone out completely while watching look for some inspiration in whats going on during your favorite TV program.

  • Is adversity being overcome?
  • Is your favorite team using a risky strategy to win?
  • Is someone taking a step forward out of their comfort zone?
  • What is someone learning from life or experience you can listen to?
  • What determination is someone showing?

So whats your first step? Taking Steps

In some of my earlier articles I spoke about planning your year in advance and an earlier article from Lakita spoke about signs on your financial journey. I suggest you read both of those and armed with inspiration from your TV show (your now paying more attention to it right?) and take a step forward. It doesn’t have to be the biggest step just a step. Something you have put off? Something you know you can do which might bring a good result? That extra project you had planned which might reap some rewards? The first step is but the start of your journey.




***Photo thanks to AV Hire London & stressedtechnician***

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