Spending more with terrible weather

by Mike on February 25, 2013

Spending more on weekends

Does the Wallet feel a bit lighter after your weekend spending?

Having spent a rainy and windy filled weekend with my lady I cant but help notice my wallet is feeling a bit lighter than usual. Which bought to my mind some reflection of my habits of weekend spending on fine clear weekends versus lousy weather weekends. Is it my imagination or am I really spending more due to the weather? What makes me change my normal spending habits and cause me to be spending more? Is there something else to blame on my perception of spending more or am I simply imagining it?

Spending more – Am I really sure?

I normally work off a fairly strict budgeting mindset during the working week. I don’t tend to spend a lot of money (especially as I am lucky enough to work from home) and the main reason for this is a conscious decision on my part. I don’t normally see my lady during the week and as such when we spend our weekends together I am all for quality time with her while its available. So if that’s a nice breakfast in a cafe or a bottle of wine in the park on a blanket watching planes pass overhead well then I would rather spend the money with her instead of useless things like takeaway or random drinks at the tavern with strangers.

The only problem with this is money can tend to slip past your hands without you knowing. My mind tends not focus on things like prices and costs during the weekend. Meaning that bottle of wine or cafe breakfast can end up costing far more than you thought! (just using that as an example).

The simplest thing to try here is to manage my cash effectively (but without being tight). Weekend Spending

  • Count up how much cash I have in my wallet before the weekend and limit credit card transactions
  • If your at all like me stop refusing the credit card receipts offered by the cashier. It can help you add up whether it really was a big weekend or not

The Causes of spending more on wild weekends

Plenty of people have mentioned that being cold makes you want to eat more. I am sure everyone has read that before but you can take it just that tiny bit further. Eating more means spending more if your out and about or burning through more groceries at home. I am also sure you also understand that when the weather is cold wet or miserable you tend to be either bored or stuck inside. The temptation to snack when bored gets too big and so you munch out just that little bit more. When driving around in the car the big shiny M in the distance can be a temptation and the lure of a burger just too much. All of these can change your normal thrifty habits and affect your weekend spending.

How easy it to change habits by reflection

I am sure by now most of my regular readers are aware that I have spent some time, effort and money on personal development and whilst I am by no means an expert I would like to think that I do consider where I am financially, where I am going on my journey and what I am tying to achieve. The biggest part in changing your mindset is changing how you think about money and the fact that your thinking about it at all (on a much deeper level than how much do I have left). Thinking and planning your weekend spending go hand in hand in creating a new financially aware you.

By the very act of my writing this for you the readers and by you thinking about it we are somewhat programming our mind to pay attention to our spending. To look out for when I am spending more and to perhaps adjust your behavior just that little bit to make a financially aware change in what you do.

If you want some more inspiration to make change perhaps my last article on finding inspiration from TV may interest you.


***photo thanks to mrsdkrebs & LeoNewball Jr***

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1 Cat March 5, 2013 at 1:04 pm

I spend a lot of money on personal development as well. And I also spend way more money when the weather is bad. πŸ™‚

2 Chris February 27, 2013 at 12:11 am

When I was snowed in I ended up spending way more than I anticipated. I start playing FIFA again and discovered Virgin gaming’s online betting, it was a serious mistake as I have a very addictive personality!

3 Mike February 27, 2013 at 9:05 am

Cant say I would argue about the FIFA but good lord Online Betting?!?!?

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