Planning Out Your Home Remodel

by Mike on July 27, 2012

If you are thinking about remodeling your home, it is essential that you plan it out before you tear out the first wall.  Failing to plan out your home remodel can lead to a ton of extra costs, and it could end up breaking your budget.

Plan it Out

The first thing to consider is the plan.  You should sketch out your ideas on paper, and maybe even use some software to plan out the project.  Don’t just thing about the dimensions, but remember how the space will be used and the traffic patterns of the users.  You may even consider getting a simple design program to lay it out.

Check Out Other’s

You should also check out what other people have done to get inspiration.  A personal favorite is checking out new model homes, and seeing what the interior designers have done.  These professionals usually can provide a lot of inspiration.

You can also look online, in magazines, and even utilize designer message boards to ask questions and get feedback on projects, products, and more.

Keep an Eye on the Future

As you’re planning, remember to keep an eye on the future, and what will make sense in 5 years.  For example, it may sound like a great idea to put in a man cave in the extra bedroom – build a bar, put up a plasma screen television, add a pool table.  But is that going to make sense for your family in the future?  Are you going to need that bedroom for another child?  Don’t spend money now to have to undo it later.

Budget It 

Finally, make sure that you budget for it appropriately.  Use something like Cordell Estimating Software to figure out what your actual costs will be for difference scenarios and materials, and then budget in a little extra.  Even the best planned budgets can be overspent if you fall in love with high end products and other items.  Make sure that you budget a cushion and then stick to your plan so that you don’t wipe out your funds.

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