Utlizing the Cloud for Your Business

by Mike on June 12, 2012

cloud storage

You may have heard of “the cloud”. This essentially means running software and programs on the internet instead of actually having the program installed on your computer. This is a great thing for businesses (especially small businesses) for two reasons.

First, the cloud is usually free or very cheap. This is a great cost savings for a business. Second, by not having software constrained to one computer, you can access your information anywhere. This is great if you are always traveling or out meeting clients. You can simply log in and access any information you need, instead of being dependent on making sure you brought it with you.

Cloud Storage

The first thing you should look at is storing your documents and files in the cloud. This is great because it not only allows you to access your documents anywhere, but it also serves as a back-up in case anything happens to your computer. You can look at paid cloud storage providers such as Egnyte to find a service that fits your needs.

Cloud Office Software

The next thing you may want to look at is using the cloud for your office software. Google offers a full range of office products online for free, and most are very robust. However, it is combining cloud office software with cloud storage where you can really get traction. If you have a cloud storage provider that offers sharing, file sharing is great for send large documents when needed.

Cloud Accounting Software

Finally, you can leverage the cloud for accounting software as well. There are a lot of free and paid cloud accounting programs out there to help you manage your business finances. Some offer automated invoicing and online billing to help you manage accounts receivable. Others are free but offer basic accounting that meets the needs to most small businesses.

However, when you compare the cost of online accounting software to traditional accounting software, you can realize a huge savings by utilizing the cloud instead. Plus, you will have access to your finances any where you go.

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1 Drew June 17, 2012 at 2:01 pm

I’m really excited about the benefits of cloud computing in the future. It seems a lot of people are still quite suspicious and negative about it, but as long as you’re sensible it’s probably going to be the way forward for businesses IMHO.

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