How to Make Your Small Business Look More Professional

by Mike on April 22, 2012

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One of the struggles of small businesses is trying to make your business appear as professional as the large businesses you potentially compete against.

Without breaking the marketing bank, there are a lot of strategies you can use to make your small business look more professional, and help you gain credibility with your customers.

Get a Website and Email

First, your small business needs a website that matches the brand of your business and can be a place that potential customers go to research more about you. Second, you should get an email address attached to this site to give more professionalism. Think of how looks, versus looks. Customers do pick up on these small things, so be aware and deliver a brand appearance from start to finish.

Get a Dedicated Phone Number

Many potential customers still prefer calling someone to just emailing back and forth. As such, you need to have a number that works for customers. Getting an 800 number can help with this, since it is toll free for your customers, and it adds a look of professionalism you can get with having a local area code number.

Get Branded Business Cards

How do you plan on getting your customers to remember you after you meet them? You need business cards. Make sure that your business cards have your name, your website and email, and your 800 number so that your client can get in touch with you in a number of ways. Also, make sure that they match the theme of your website. You want to present a brand image across all media platforms.

Get a PO Box

Finally, you may want to consider getting a PO Box, especially if you run a home based business. This not only gives a professional look to your business, but it can provide a little bit more security for documents being sent through the mail.

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