7 Free Online Games to Teach Kids About Money

by Mike on February 25, 2011

A while ago I stumbled across a site with some free educational games. The site is called HoodaMath, it has games, worksheets and tutorials for Math. The games are broken down into categories: Logic, Geometry and Arithmetic.

Here are the ones that can be used for money lessons:

Pocket Change
Drag out currency from the bottom of the screen to match the total value and number of coins on the left.
Solve at least 8 combinations before time runs out!

Coffee Shop Game
coffeeshopYour goal is to make as much money as you can in 14 days. Buy ingredients, adjust your recipe, and set your price. You can adjust how much coffee, milk, and sugar you put into each cup of coffee. Generally speaking, customers like more of everything and are willing to pay a higher price for it! Pay close attention to your price. This is the amount you charge for each cup of coffee. High-priced coffee earns you more money, but customers won’t buy your coffee if they think it’s too expensive. They’ll pay more on cold days and less on warm ones. Adjusting your price each day is crucial skill in running a successful coffee shop!

Shopping City
Build your own resort island…
Earn money by building and operating the network of shops…
You can upgrade or sell your buildings.
Build fast serving shops at the intersections.
You may construct different sizes of buildings at the same route.
The shops can be damaged,you need to repair them.
Fire or robbery can be accidently happened as well.

Ice Cream Truck
Your goal is to make enough money selling ice cream to move on to the next city. You will have ten days to reach the required amount of money. You will need to make more money for each city as you pass to higher levels.

Amuse Park
Start your own amuse park; make your visitors happy and earn money. Build rides like a carousel, castle, ferris wheel, haunted house, go carts, oblivion, roller coaster to attract customers and build distractions like benches, bathrooms, garbage cleaners, concession stands, first-aid posts to keep customers near your amuse park rides for longer.

Shopping Street
Run your own chain of retail businesses on your very own new shopping street. Build shops like a clothes boutique, pet shop, toy store, jewelry store, restaurants, electronic shops, furniture stores, and markets to attract customers and build distractions like benches, news stands, music ads, and bus stops to keep customers near your shops for longer.

Diner City
dinercityStart your own restaurant business.
Choose your restaurant type and upgrade it with the new appliances to reach the money goal faster than your competitor.

What about you?
Are there other games out there we can add to the list?
How did you learn about money?
For the parents, what resources do you use to teach your children?

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