73 Money Hacks Tips and Tricks

by Mike on November 10, 2010

Yay! It is my 100th post here on Personal Finance Journey! My goal was to list 100 money hacks, tips, and tricks….but I could only come up with 73. Enjoy this list, and let me know what your money hacks are in the comments. Perhaps together we can reach 100!

1. Spend less than you earn
2. Call the cable company and as for the new users promo
3. Cut the cable all together
4. Use the debt snowball method to pay off debt
5. “Sweep” left over money from checking to saving
6. Automate your finances and use online bill pay
7. Or not…..Unautomate your Finances
8. Stop eating out!
9. Use coupons
10. Follow retailers on Facebook and Twitter…be on the lookout for deals
11. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t try to get rich quick…..Get Rich Slowly instead
12. Evaluate your cell phone plan….drop to a lower plan if you can
13. Get a programmable thermostat
14. Make sure your home is insulated properly
15. Turn down the temperature on the water heater
16. Avoid buying new cars….they rarely appreciate
17. Read a personal finance book, like Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover
18. Read an entrepreneur book
19. Read the Bible (it has a lot to say about money management)
20. Give to charity
21. Do research before making big purchases
22. Buy a house because you want one and can afford it….not for the tax break
23. Make sure you have the proper insurance (car, life, health, etc)
24. Diversify your investments
25. Invest in your future (retirement account)
26. Stay on top of routine car maintenance….or it will cost you more in the long run
27. Eliminate high interest debt as quickly as possible
28. Use cash – Consider the envelope system
29. Use online savings — the usually have a higher yield than brick& mortar banks. (Just make sure your money is FDIC insured)
30. Don’t be afraid to negotiate
31. Check your credit report & look for errors! Get your free reports from http://www.annualcreditreport.com
32. Take advantage of mail in rebates! Don’t let them expire or forget about them.
33. Buy your next cell phone from Amazon. I got my Palm Pre there for $99 and wishing I got my Sprint HTC Evo from there!
34. Request a reduction in interest rate on your credit cards (it doesn’t hurt to ask!)
35. Use Redbox if they have it in your area ($1 nightly movie rentals). Sign up for their email list and get periodic free promo codes
36. When going to the movies, choose matinee
37. Skip the snacks at the theater
38. When you do eat out….skip the drinks
39. Consider Magic Jack instead of the traditional home phone. People either love it or hate it!
40. Take advantage of 401K….at least enough to get any employer match
41. Bundle insurance to get discounts whenever possible
42. If you routinely get a large income tax check, consider adjusting your withholdings
43. Decrease or eliminate ATM fees by planning your withdrawls
44. Don’t overdraft! The fees are astronomical
45. But, get overdraft protection….just in case
46. And if you do overdraft….try to get that fee waived
47. Set SMART financial goals.
48. Use free alternatives to computer software (Open Office instead of Microsoft Office for example)
49. Do you holiday gift shopping in the off season
50. Delayed gratification! Hold off on the big purchases, save up for them or use lay-away
51. Create multiple streams of income
52. Use personal finance software to track your spending
53. Consider getting books from Paperback Swap or the library.
54. Get organized! Keep all important documents somewhere you can find them.
55. Sell some stuff on Ebay or Craigslist
56. If you like to write, you may be able to make money blogging
57. Learn to cook, eat and love BEANS…they’re healthy and cheap!
58. When you get that 3-5% raise…save it, and keep living like it’s not there
59. Forego the extended warranties
60. Implement a “no spend day”. Too easy?
61. …implement a “no spend week”
62. Get rid of subscriptions you don’t use
63. If you just love credit cards….make it a rewards card and…
64. Pay off your credit card balance monthly so you don’t pay interest
65. Be flexible when flying…you can save by adjusting your dates
66. If you’re facing financial trouble….tell your credits as soon as possible
67. Carpool
68. Make a budget or spending plan….and stick to it!
69. Drive the speed limit! You’ll save on gas and reduce the chances of getting a ticket
70. Get into gardening
71. Avoid pay day loans!
72. Avoid frivolous, impulse purchases

73. Remember, it all belongs to God! Our job is to be good stewards.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve found a couple hacks / tips you can implement. Leave your own hacks in the comments!

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