Carnival of Personal Finance #262: 80s TV Edition

by Mike on June 21, 2010

It is my distinct pleasure to host the 262nd edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. As always with CoPF, there were plenty of GREAT submissions. It’s always hard to pick which ones to publish, but here they are…with some 80s TV pop culture sprinkled in between for nostalgia!

I tried to include articles submitted regardless of my personal taste. If something was not included, it was probably too old, too many affiliate links, too generic, unoriginal, or not related to personal finance. But with nearly 100 submissions, some had to be cut if for no other reason than to keep the list manageable. Below are my top 3, followed by the rest organized with the most popular categories at the top.

Editor’s Picks

Frugal Dad presents Raising a Frugal Dad: A Open Letter to My Son.
This was warm, captivating and informative. One of the videos actually brought tears to my eyes. A great representation for all the unnamed, under-appreciated great dads out there!

Kevin from The Red Stapler Chronicles presents Does Going to Work Actually Cost You Money.
Yes, I got the 100,000 Pyramid Reference. The article will make you laugh while discussing office expenses that fly under the radar.

J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy presents Talking About Money Before Marriage (DO IT!!!),
Only 1/4 of couples talk about money before marriage…that’s crazy! I agree with J. Money….time to talk!

The Facts Of Life series went on to become one of the longest running sitcoms of the 1980’s.


Money Management

ElizabethG from Modern Gal presents Are You a Spending Addict?.

Ace of Wealth presents Much to Learn You Still Have, and says, “Mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. They are an opportunity to learn.? As a great Jedi Master once said, “Much to learn you still have.” Yet, why do we often let these opportunities pass us by? Without understanding why, we are destined to make the same mistakes over and over.”

2 Cents from Balance Junkie presents Financial Wisdom for Father’s Day, and says, “We seem to have lost touch with some of the basics of money management over the past couple of decades. Here’s a look at some timeless advice from Warren Buffet.”

Jeff from Sustainable Life Blog presents Cash Flow, and says, “Do you earn plenty of cash every month but still run low on cash at times? Have you been wondering why this is? Check out your cash flow to find the answer!”

Squirrelers presents Should You Have a Safe Deposit Box?, and says, “This article explores the question of whether or not a safe deposit box is a good choice for storing valuables”

Briana Ford from Go Banking Rates presents Best Way to Work with Your Bank to Correct Mistakes, and says, “Like it or not, mistakes happen. Whether they are caused by human error or a technical glitch, the problem will need to be resolved. This is especially true for financial institutions.”

Marie from Moneymonk presents Stop judging me because I want a maid.

Kevin from Financially Poor presents Do You Count Your Chickens?.

The A-Team features Col. John “Hannibal” Smith and his A-Team who were framed for robbing the Bank of Hanoi at the end of a tour in Viet Nam. They were sent to a US military prison from which they escaped, and became vigilantes for hire.



Helen from Science And Money presents Citizens Bank’s College Savings Program: Deal or No Deal?, It’s an analytical breakdown of the banks savings program compared to a 529 College Savings Plan.

PT from PT Money presents Money Market Mutual Funds, and says, “All about money market funds. When to use them and what they provide.”

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Try Investing In Gold To Diversify Assets, and says, “Looking to gold and precious metals for investment diversification.”

Kristina from DINKS Finance presents If We Knew Then What We Know Now, and says, “The market moves in cycles and we should learn to learn from our mistakes. However, we don’t always remember life’s past events.”

Mike Piper from Oblivious Investor presents Can I Retire Yet? (And Other Retirement Planning Questions), and says, “A walk through of some of the most-asked retirement planning questions.”

Eric from Narrow Bridge presents Knowing When to Buy and Sell Stock, and says, “A detailed look at technical analysis and fundamental analysis as strategies to decide when to click the buy and sell button”

The Cosby Show was a long-running 80’s TV show sitcom about Doctor Heathcliff Huxtable, Clair Huxtable and their children; Sondra, Denise, Theodore, Vanessa, and Rudy.



Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Getting in at the end of yard sales isn’t bad, and says, “The early bird may catch the worm, but there are still worms left over later …”

Miss Bankrupt from Miss Bankrupt presents Things You Should Not Buy From a Garage DSale. Hmmm…I bet these things are still left over at the end of a garage sale! What do you think Mighty Bargain Hunter?

Nicole from Rainy-Day Saver presents Stocking Up Your Pantry: Yea or Nay?, and says, “Is stockpiling goods a good idea? Not necessarily. There’s a difference between hoarding and legitimate use.”

Donna Freedman from Surviving and Thriving presents You just gonna toss that bottle cap?, and says, “I go to the movies for free. Ask me how.”

Full House is the story of Danny Tanner, whose wife has died unexpectedly, and he is left with three young daughters. His two friends move in and help Danny raise the girls.



Jim from Bargaineering presents CD Early Withdrawal Penalties with a witty spare tire analogy.

Darren from MORE than Finances presents Why You Don’t Need An Emergency Fund. Uh….what?! The title grabs your attention, and is worth the read because Darren is not against saving. Personally, I agree with some of his points, but not all. Some of it is semantics…give it a read and see for yourself.

Austin Morgan from Foreigner’s Finances presents How to Open Multiple Savings Accounts with Ally Bank,
I didn’t realize you could open multiple accounts with Ally. It’s a shame they don’t promote this as it is a reason many people (including myself) stick with ING.

Len from Len Penzo dot Com presents My Store-Brand vs. Name-Brand Blind Taste-Test Experiment #3, and says, “I once again enlist 19 of my family members, including the dog, to help me determine whether store brand products are really worth the savings. ”

The Golden Girls broke all the rules of a sitcom with it’s all female cast over the age of 50.



Jason from One Money Design presents Should You Spend Money on a Vacation?, and says, “A vacation can be an investment if it’s a financially responsible act.”

Suba from Wealth Informatics presents It’s Christmas time! Christmas in July June?! Yep, start thinking about it now and avoid overspending later.

Jason from Live Real, Now presents 3 Simple Ways Keeping Your Spending Organized.

Happy Days was a highly successful show set in late 1950s. Although I’m not personally a fan, it was big in the 80s and lead to the pop culture term still used today: “jumped the shark”



Jeremy from Generation X Finance presents Health Savings Account (HSA) Basics.

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents Changes To Flexible Spending Accounts On the Horizon.

Miss T from Prairie Eco-Thrifter presents Be Realistic Not Idealistic.

The Jeffersons was a mid 70’s – 80’s spinoff TV show from All in the Family series. George Jefferson’s newfound wealth had the Jefferson family “movin’ on up” to a deluxe apartment in Manhattan. Who ever knew the correct lyrics?



Craig/FFB from Free From Broke presents Fed Issues Final CARD Act Rules-Limits Credit Card Late Fees, and says, “The Fed issued its final rules as part of the CARD Act of 2009. In this round they work to protect consumer against unfair fees. ”

Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim presents How To Maximize Your Credit Card Reward Points, and says, “Tips to help you maximize your credit card reward points.”

Real Estate

Alexa from LearnVest Living presents Down Payments, Mortgage Rates, And More: Are You Ready To Become A Home Buyer?.

Paul Williams from Provident Planning presents The Value of a Mortgage Refinance, and says, “Refinancing your mortgage can help you buy time if you need it – not to mention the great savings you can find if you have a high interest rate. Rates are ridiculously low right now, so if you have the opportunity you should at least consider refinancing now!”


Funny about Money presents Are You Cut Out for a Freelance Job? Is Anyone?, and says, “Consider how much independent contracting saves an employer and costs the contractor; a guide to the realities of freelancing.”

Punky Brewster features 7-year-old Punky and her dog Brandon. After they are abandoned at a shopping center by Punky’s mother, Chicago photographer Henry Warnimont takes the two in.



Kim Snider from Kimmunications from Kim Snider presents Should I Pay Off My Mortgage?, and says, “The conventional wisdom used to be: Pay off your mortgage as soon as you can. Retire with a paid for home. I used to believe it, but not any more. Here’s why…”


Andy from saving to invest presents Updates on 2010 Government Tax Credits – More Money Baby, and says, “More Stimulus money in the works in 2010 – Will the money keep on coming?”


Peter from Bible Money Matters presents Tax Hikes, Increased Costs And Tax Breaks We’ll See Due To Health Care Reform, and says, “Here are some taxes that you can expect to see raised under the auspices of the new health care reform package. Some people can also expect tax breaks. Here are the details.”

Small Wonder is a sci-fi sitcom story of Ted Lawson, who creates a robot named Vickie. The family tries to keep the fact their daughter Vickie is a robot a secret.



Michael from The DoughRoller presents How To Keep Your Identity Safe, and says, “A few great suggestions on how to make sure you don’t fall victim to the growing problem of identity theft.”

Pop from Pop Economics presents This much money will buy you happiness, and says, Do experiences or material things make us happier? . Does getting a raise bring joy? These questions and others are explored in this post.

Bob from Christian Finances presents How to start a business you love, and says, “Many of us are trying to find that ever-elusive job that promises prosperity and satisfaction. There are are some opportunities that we take merely for the money, and others that give us great enjoyment without a proper wage. Is it possible to find employment that is fun yet financially sound?”

Jill from My Dollar Plan presents Health Care Bill Impacts: Insurance Options for Young Adults, and says, “A great article for young adults looking into insurance options!”

After you visit all the great articles, be sure to swing back by and tell me what your favorite television show from the 80s was!

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